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Dracula Dark King

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Newly Adapted from the Bram Stoker’s novel by
Jeffrey T. Heyer
9 actors, 10 characters: 5M / 4W / (1 double-cast)
Approximate Playing time: 1 Hour, 45 Minutes

In his one true composition of genius, Bram Stoker created a tale which stirs
up what the Greeks meant their dramas to elicit: pity and horror. A hundred
years and more later, the character of Count Dracula and some of the themes
he personifies continue to fascinate western civilization reflected in a current
resurgence of interest in vampire and occult storylines. Heyer’s Dracula
Dark King
masterfully envelopes the audience in Dracula’s enigmatic world.
The struggle between the allure of immortality and life’s pleasures and sorrows
plays out in the late 1800’s between the harsh walls of Count Dracula’s castle
in Transylvania and Dr. John Seward’s office and Sanatorium near London. Dracula
Dark King
casts a new light into Stoker’s shadows, but, unlike any other
script, does so while returning to the grotesque beauties of the novel. It
brings out Stoker’s buried psychological themes without damaging the way in
which he kept them hovering tantalizingly just below the surface of his plot.
A disturbingly beautiful play, Dracula Dark King is by far among
the best adaptations available and worthy of consideration for any stage.

Dracula Dark King is available on heartlandplays.com

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