A View From the Bridge (2016)




by Arthur Miller
Studio Theater / May 28-June 19
A powerful American drama of seething intensity and savage beauty.

This 1955 drama has enjoyed renewed popularity in recent years, providing
audiences with a pathway to engage in discussions about such modern issues
as immigration and sexual identity through the lens of history. The play centers on the tragic story of Eddie Carbone, a longshoreman living in Brooklyn with his wife and her cousin. When they welcome into their home two brothers who have come to America for work, the atmosphere grows increasingly tense. Over time, Eddie’s paranoia about one of the brothers’ sexuality—and his interest in his wife’s cousin—leads to a series of explosive confrontations.


Note from JTHeyer:
I play Alfieri, the lawyer who presents Eddie Carbone’s case to the audience and who, as a one-man chorus, invites them to share his own view from the Brooklyn Bridge.
JTHeyer as Alfieri tries to get through to Eddie Carbone (David Norum) in “A View From The Bridge”

Catherine (Mia Pak) shows Eddie (David Norum) her new skirt in “A View From The Bridge” TWS 2016 photo by Richard Green

Catherine (Mia Pak) caught between Rodolpho (Nate Smith, left) and Eddie
(David Norum) “A View From The Bridge” TWS 2016
photo by Richard Green

Reviews are coming in for “A View From The Bridge

In this issue: “A View from the Bridge” is getting rave reviews!

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A message from Artistic Director
Jon Selover
| jselover@hartnell.edu

Reviews for A View From The Bridge
are coming in from the press and local bloggers, and the word is that the
show is top-notch. We’ve linked to the full reviews below. Bridge
plays for just two more weekends. What kind of conversation will this gripping
story open for you? -Jon

The Monterey Herald raves about our show

Review says Bridge is “a strong production, top to bottom”

“If you go for serious, gut-punch drama, this production of A View From
the Bridge
won’t disappoint.” That’s the rave from the Monterey Herald,
and we’re thrilled! Read
the full review

More kudos from Performing Arts Monterey

Arthur Miller classic is “hard, telegraphic,
unadorned drama”

Phillip Pearce of performingartsmontereybay.com
has tons of praise for the A View from the Bridge cast, saying the
actors “work as a team with a selfless commitment to the material.” Read
the full review

A View from the Bridge is one of Arthur Miller’s most gripping plays, and it remains as relevant today, exploring issues of family, immigration, forbidden desires, and aging. Meet the Carbones of Brooklyn and their newly arrived Sicilian cousins … and see what simmers
and explodes.
The show runs May 28-June 19 in the Studio Theater, directed
by Jeff McGrath. Performances are Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30 p.m. and Sundays at 2 p.m. Events in the Studio Theater tend to sell out, so we recommend buying tickets in advance. Single-ticket buyers, buy
or call at 831-755-6816 / 831-375-2111.
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Alfieri (JTHeyer) “A View From The Bridge” TWS 2016
photo by Richard Green

Alfieri (JTHeyer) “A View From The Bridge” TWS 2016
photo by Richard Green

Alfieri (JTHeyer) over the body of Eddie Carbone (David Norum) and his mourning wife Beatrice (Cheryl Games) in “A View From The Bridge” TWS 2016. Photo by Richard Green.