(2019) Bohemian Souls

Introducing Bohemian Soul – Documenting the Culture and Art of Early Carmel


This film not only showcases the love and appreciation that our founders had for local art, literature, and theater – but the importance for us as a community to uphold these values. Bohemian Soul is a documentary commissioned by MCAET and sponsored by MCOE, as the fourth piece in a series called ‘People and Places.’ In Hamish Tyler’s final project with MCAET, we were proud to bring his vision to life – with the help of so many of you who may be reading this.

Produced by House of 8 Media, Mike and Brittney became mentors for MCAET interns to assist in capturing an intimate portrait of past and present Bohemia in Carmel. We follow Carmel’s most historically influential artists, unlocking stories from the past and watching as they unfold throughout our very own community today.  The history of our beloved city, the seacoast of Bohemia, Carmel, CA, fascinates us and the local community.

Casting & Filming (2019)


Beverly Vanpelt was truly the ‘LIFELINE’ in casting for the historic reenactment scenes. Beverly reached out to local actors, matching them with historic photos of our featured Bohemian artists, ultimately bringing the films’ vision to life. In order for House of 8 Media to accurately portray each Bohemian, Vanpelt coordinated with our local Forest Theater Guild, who graciously loaned costumes and archival photos for these historic scenes.


Following much coordination, in one day, all recreation scenes were filmed and photographed for Bohemian Soul – there truly was no room for mistakes. Early in the morning, director Brittney Buffo, (with baby Wesley Buffo), director of photography Mike Buffo, the production crew and every other participant in the film, traveled to four historic locations throughout Monterey county, bringing to life the stories of these locally treasured artists through each captured scene. From various location changes, to Brittney nursing newborn Wesley in between scenes, coordination was a key factor on filming day to ensure all scenes were captured.


July 11th, 2019 the trailer for Bohemian Soul was released, despite the 200+ director notes to the editor still outstanding for the second round of post-production. What was initially a 2 hour documentary, was meaningfully cut down to 52 minutes of film. MCAET began editing during COVID, with the universal understanding that this film was beyond deadline. Thus, came the ‘soft launch’ of Bohemian Soul, following post-production concluding in summer 2020.

CAST (Actors as Historical Persons):

Domini Anne as Anne Duncan, Model/Dancer in Arnold Genthe photograph
Dane Golden as Jimmy Hopper
Patrick Golden as Charles Rollo Peters

Jeffrey T. Heyer as George Sterling
Doug Duffy Johnson as Robinson Jeffers
Sara Mardon as Una Jeffers
Jose Miguel as Xavier Martinez
Cody Moore as Sinclair Lewis
Beverly Van Pelt as Mary Austin
Amanda Platsis as Alice MacGowen
Jason Roeder as Jack London
Heidi Sullivan as Mary DeNeale Morgan
Alyca Tanner as Grace MacGowen Cooke



Executive Producer: Hamish Tyler
Director/Producer: Brittney Buffo
Writer/Producer: Jacqueline Evanoff
Director of Photography: Michael Buffo
Associate Producer: Beverly Van Pelt
Associate Producer: Michelle Magdelena Maddox
Associate Story Editor: Coral Barrett
Associate Casting Director: Miranda Rodriguez

MCAET Intern Coordinator: Dylan Holmes
Wardrobe provided by: Forest Theater Guild



John Blyth Barrymore



Will Bullas
John Farzad Strong
Keith Decker
Holly Fassett
Kaffe Fassett
Joanna FitzPatrick
Erin Lee Gafill
Jack Gallante
Lisa “Littlebird”Goettel
Adriana Hayward
Stephen Heron
Peter Hiller
C. Michael Hogan
Belinda Vidor Holliday
Lindsay Jeffers
Michelle Magdalena Maddox
Stephen Moorer
Elizabeth Murray
Dorcas Owens
Elliot Ruchonitz-Roberts
Joaquin Turner
Kim Weston
Myles Williams



Johnny Ray Avila
Coral Barrett
Dylan Holmes
Brandon Paisant
Ivan Ramirez
Miranda Rodriguez
Cesar Ruvalcaba
Archer Sheldon



City of Carmel-by-the-Sea
Carmel Art Association
Forest Theatre Guild
Harrison Memorial Library
Jo Mora Trust Collection
Monterey Museum of Art
Pacific Repertory Theater
Tor House Foundation
Trotter Galleries
Richard Pepe
Gina Weston





George Sterling (JTHeyer) plays Neptune, Bohemian Souls, House of 8 Media, 2019




George Sterling (JTHeyer), Mary Austin (Beverley Van Pelt), Jack London (Jason Roeder) and James Hopper (Dane Golden), Bohemian Soul, House of 8 Media, 2019