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“It Can’t Happen Here”

By Tony Taccone and Bennett S. Cohen,
Based Upon the Novel by Sinclair Lewis
STUDIO THEATRE, June 2, 3, 8, 9, 10, 15, 16, 22, 23

More relevant than ever before


Lewis’ tale keeps insinuating itself into our lives because of its insight into American politics. It tells of the ascent of a demagogue who becomes President of the United States by promising to return the country to greatness. Sound familiar? A frightening reminder of just how fragile democracies really are.

I will be playing the central character, Doremus Jessup, a newspaper editor caught in the midst of a Fascist take-over. With the help of his close friends and family, Doremus struggles to surmount the crises of a divided country and to take part in a determined Resistance against the destruction of democracy. I find the story disturbingly prescient, moving and challenging and hope that you will, too.

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From: Susan D Keenan
Date: Thu, May 31, 2018 at 11:53 PM
Subject: It Can’t happen here…
To: Jeffrey Heyer

Oh my–remarkable job Jeff. Congrats to you and the whole cast!!! This is an absolute actor feat!!! Loved watching the challenge of the multiple characters that cast pulled off beautifully. It is also very important. I knew enough to expect current day similarities–but was surprised by depth of similarities. This is theatre and a public service. Thank you. Thank you all.
Good show! Enjoy the run. Susan Keenan

Coming Soon


After Theatre Summer Camp for Young Company at The Western Stage I will do the following two shows at Pacific Repertory Theatre.
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Original Adaptation

The Lusty Adventures of Tom Jones

freely adapted by Jon Jory based on the the classic novel by Henry Fielding
Sept 28 – Oct 14 Outdoor Forest Theater
Directed by Ken Kelleher


PacRep’s annual Forest Theatre offering is a rollicking and naughty adaptation of Henry Fielding’s ribald classic Tom Jones. Abandoned as a child to the care of Squire Allworthy, Tom Jones is now all grown up and launched into the bewildering romantic world. He falls madly in love with the virtuous Sophia Western — but Sophia’s father is determined to keep the two apart.

In his pursuit of true love, the well-intentioned Tom finds himself the object of female attention and romantic complication. But will these misadventures permanently jeopardize his chances with Sophia? Tom Jones is a bawdy and rollicking comedy for the stage that will have the audience
in stitches.

In this satirical romp, I will be playing Squire Allworthy—could one ask for a more noble part?— the adoptive father of the perpetually baffled Tom Jones. I may play one or two other parts as well. Based on my past experiences with adaptations at PacRep I expect this one to be a lot of fun.


Next, a rarely seen Shakespeare:

A rare opportunity to see one of Shakespeare’s less commonly produced but strong character studies.



by William Shakespeare
Oct 19 – Nov 4 • Circle Theatre
Directed by Ken Kelleher

PacRep continues its exploration of Shakespeare’s Roman plays with a new and relevant adaptation of Coriolanus, a timely political piece that deals with the violent and messy beginnings of democracy, and a powerful commentary on class politics and the nature of patriotism.

Caius Martius Coriolanus is a fearless soldier but a reluctant leader. His ambitious mother attempts to carve him a path to power yet he struggles to change his nature and do what is required to achieve greatness. Now he must decide who he really is and where his allegiances lie in a new city state struggling to find its feet, where the gap between rich and poor widens every day.

Here I will play Senator Menenius, friend of Coriolanus, who endeavors to guide him toward political mastery. This is a role that has been on my “wish-to-play list” for about forty years, so I hope to see you in the Circle Theatre.

Whether you come or no, best wishes to you and may you keep your footing in the heady currents of 2018.