Colton and Semple (1989 – 1999)


Rev. Colton with Dr. Robert Semple in Colton Hall in Actors in the Adobes, Colton and Semple,” 1989 photo by Stephen Moorer

Dr. Robert Semple and Alcalde Walter Colton in the Custom House in Actors in the Adobes, “Colton and Semple,” 1988 photo by Stephen Moorer


Reproduction of “The Californian” Semple and Colton’s first newspaper in California used as prop in “Actors in the Adobes” GroveMont Theatre

Buck-skinned Dr. Robert Baylor Semple with co-creator of the first Californian newspaper Rev. Colton (Morgan Stock) in “Colton and Semple,” Actors in the Adobes” GroveMont Theater, 1988-1999