For Peter Pan on her 70th Birthday (2019)

TWS production image


Co-Director JTHeyer enjoys rehearsal


Co-Director Nina Capriola watches Michael (Ron Genauer)


A cast of TWS veterans


The family gathered at Father’s deathbed: Michael (Ron Genauer), Anne (Suzanne Sturn), Wendy (Mindy Pedlar), John (Fred Herro), Jim (Carl Twisselman), Father (Tom Hepner)


Father’s wake: Anne (Suzanne Sturn), Wendy (Mindy Pedlar), John (Fred Herro), Jim (Carl Twisselman) and Michael (Ron Genauer)


Anne (Suzanne Sturn) at wake + Makeup Designer Maegan Roux and Wardrobe Manager Rebecca Houston-Browdy in background


Anne as Peter Pan (Suzanne Sturn) is disarmed by jim as Captain Hook (Carl Twisselman)


Michael (Ron Genauer), John (Fred Herro) + Wendy (Mindy Pedlar) watch Peter Pan fly

Father (Tom Hepner) gives Anne (Suzanne Sturn) flowers for her performance as Peter Pan