King Lear (2016)

Shakepeare’s King Lear

Oct 20 – Nov 6, 2016 Circle Theatre
Directed by Kenneth Kelleher


King Lear decides to divide his kingdom between his three daughters. To determine their share, they need simply to express their love for him. Goneril and Regan shower him in flattery. The youngest, his beloved Cordelia, says nothing. And so begins Lear’s descent into madness. Shakespeare’s masterpiece is a portrait of a man in decline. Yet, as his mind falters, he attains new wisdom. As people betray him, he discovers true loyalty. At his lowest ebb, he is at his best.


King Lear – Julian Lopez-Morillas our imported star from Berkeley Shakespeare Co., now Cal Shakes and many another company, in which he has played Lear before.
Cordelia – Jen Le Blanc who just finished Viola in PacRep’s “Twelfth Night??? and who adapted last year’s “Moll Flanders.???
Goneril – Julie Hughett, one of the pillars of PacRep since it was GroveMont, and who played Goneril in GroveMont’s 1999 “King Lear.???
Regan – Lyla Englehorn, also a veteran of PacRep and “Twelfth Night??? (as Maria), who played Cordelia in GroveMont’s 1999 “King Lear.???
Gloucester – Howard Burnham, interspersing a moving role among his many one-man performances on the East and West coasts.
Kent – Jeffrey T. Heyer, delighted to be able to return to PacRep where he spent nine productive years and more recently did “The Woman in Black,??? “Hamlet,??? and “Crime and Punishment.??? He has previously played Cornwall in Shakespeare Santa Cruz’s initial production and Kent in GroveMont’s 1999 “King Lear.???
Cornwall/Knight/Doctor – the inimitable Scott McQuiston as the vicious Duke, one of Lear’s drunken followers and a kind-hearted Doctor.
Albany/Oswald – Rob Devlin, another long-term luminary of theatre in these parts in two radically different roles. He played Cornwall in GroveMont’s 1999 “King Lear.???
Edgar – Sean Patrick Nill who just finished Feste in PacRep’s “Twelfth Night??? in an equally tricky and demanding role.
Edmund – Fight Choreographer Justin Gordon switches from the of the love-besotted Count Orsino in PacRep’s “Twelfth Night??? to Gloucester’s utter bastard of a son. He has previously played Edgar.

Special Thanks to the support from the Monterey County Board of Supervisors

The Earl of Kent (JTHeyer) in Kenneth Kelleher’s Pacific Repertory 2016 “King Lear” with Julian Lopez Morillas as Lear


Kent (JTHeyer) disguised as Caius in Kenneth Kelleher’s Pacific Repertory 2016 “King Lear” with Julian Lopez Morillas as Lear


Doctor (Scott McQuiston) n Kenneth Kelleher’s Pacific Repertory 2016 “King Lear” with Julian Lopez Morillas as Lear

King Lear (Julian Lopez-Morillas) in the storm observed by Doctor (Scott McQuiston) during Kenneth kelleher’s PacRep 2016 “King Lear