Literary Bio:

Jeffrey T. Heyer has made his living in the theater and other media for forty years and with 87 entertainment industry employers. He works as actor, director and playwright. He was the first Actor-in-Residence at Pacific Repertory Theater in Carmel, CA; has been an Artistic Associate for eighteen years at The Western Stage in Salinas and co-founded the Actors Collective Media Entertainment in Carmel. He has had scripts produced at the GroveMont Theatre (Monterey), Pacific Repertory Theater (Carmel), The Western Stage (Salinas), Actors Collective Media Entertainment (Monterey County), B3 Theatre (Phoenix, AZ) and elsewhere.


Dracula Dark King a full-length play adaptation was published by Heartland Plays (at www.heartlandplays.com)

Werewolf at Bay a full-length play version of the novella House of the Moon will be published this month by Heartland Plays (at www.heartlandplays.com)

Old Wounds, a ten-minute play, is published by Smith Scripts ( https://www.smithscripts.co.uk)

Short Stories:

The Black Crow Calls received an award and appeared in the online magazine The Druids Egg (Vol. 8 #1 Samhain-Yule) https://druidsegg.reformed-druids.org/newssamhain09-07.htm

Here’s that title on the Table of Contents page of The Druids Egg

When The Road Calls Your Name was podcast by Tales to Terrify winter of 2017.  Reprinted online by Furious Gazelle 12/16/21. Available at https://thefuriousgazelle.com/page/2/?s_heyer

The Man from the Sea appeared in TheWiFiles http://wifiles.com

The five stories below appeared in Cover of Darkness (Sams Dot Publishing) in Jan., March, June, Sept. and Dec. respectively in 2012 under my usual pseudonym Ross:

Dead City


Tiwrnach’s Cave

Gladoens Knight of the Rock